Package com.lafros.juice.cmds

JUICe Commands.


Interface Summary
Exe implemented by classes which execute commands (ICmds).
Exe.Tog implemented by classes which execute pairs of commands (ICmds) representing toggles.
ICmd to be implemented by any user-interface (interactive) commands your app might incorporate.
ICmd.IActionDependent implement this form if access to the associated ActionEvent is required.
ICmd.IConfirm implement this form if the user should be prompted for confirmation before the command is executed.
ICmd.IDisj implement this form if your command is 'disjointed'--one for which the result might not be available immediately.
ICmd.IPwd implement this form if your command should be password-protected.
ICmd.ITog implement this form if your command is to be used as a toggle.
ICmdsApp to be impl'ted by apps wishing to provide user-feedback as commands are executed.

Class Summary
Exe.Tog.TrigComp toggle-trigger component (for use in toggle triggers).
Exes utility class for instantiating Exes.
JButtonTogTrig toggle trigger.
JCheckBoxMenuItemTogTrig toggle trigger.
JCheckBoxTogTrig toggle trigger.
JMenuItemTogTrig toggle trigger.
JToggleButtonTogTrig toggle trigger.
TheCmdsController for controlling the package's behaviour.

Package com.lafros.juice.cmds Description

JUICe Commands. This package contains classes intended to make it easier to write commands to be invoked interactively, as part of a Swing-based graphical user-interface (GUI).

The basic idea is to implement ICmds, and to use them as components of executable Exes. The latter are created from the former using Exes, and may be associated with GUI triggers of various kinds via their Swing Actions.

A further idea is the pairing of commands to form toggles, where the toggle triggers provided are designed to change state only after the commands have succeeded.

Change Log

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