Interface ICmd

All Known Subinterfaces:
ICmd.IActionDependent, ICmd.IConfirm, ICmd.IDisj, ICmd.IPwd, ICmd.ITog

public interface ICmd

to be implemented by any user-interface (interactive) commands your app might incorporate. These may not then be invoked directly, but should be passed to the static methods of Exes, in order to create executable Exes.

The available subinterfaces may be impl'ted in any combination, their respective methods being processed in the following order:

  1. ICmd.ITog
  2. ICmd.IActionDependent
  3. ICmd.IDisj
  4. ICmd.IConfirm
  5. ICmd.IPwd

$Id: ICmd.java 2749 2008-02-09 10:22:15Z rob $
Rob Dickens

Nested Class Summary
static interface ICmd.IActionDependent
          implement this form if access to the associated ActionEvent is required.
static interface ICmd.IConfirm
          implement this form if the user should be prompted for confirmation before the command is executed.
static interface ICmd.IDisj
          implement this form if your command is 'disjointed'--one for which the result might not be available immediately.
static interface ICmd.IPwd
          implement this form if your command should be password-protected.
static interface ICmd.ITog
          implement this form if your command is to be used as a toggle.
Method Summary
 String execute()
          called when the command is executed.

Method Detail


String execute()
               throws Exception
called when the command is executed.

message indicating (to the user) that the command succeeded. If non-null, this is passed to ICmdsApp.postSucceeded(String) if an impl'n was supplied.
Exception - This will be caught and passed to the ICmdsApp.postFailed(Exception) impl'n (if supplied). Note that your implementation should only declare those Exceptions which the compiler obliges it to declare.


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