Latterfrosken JUICe Alerts 4.2.3 Application Framework 5.0.3 Commands 4.2.8

Java User-Interface Client (JUICe) Packages.


com.lafros.juice.alerts JUICe Alerts.
com.lafros.juice.app JUICe Application Framework.
com.lafros.juice.cmds JUICe Commands.


Java User-Interface Client (JUICe) Packages. These contain classes which can be used when writing Swing-based graphical user-interface (GUI) apps, especially client ones.

Note that the Commands and Alerts packages may be used independently, but that the Application Framework one depends on the other two. (N.B. As of version 4.1.0r3, the Alerts classes need only be in the Java classpath if they are utilised by the app itself.)

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