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public static interface ICmd.IDisj
extends ICmd

implement this form if your command is 'disjointed'--one for which the result might not be available immediately. Here, ICmd.execute() is invoked in the background, i.e. from a separate thread. However, it is not necessary for your impl'n to use synchronized methods or blocks, as this will be taken care of by the Exe.

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from interface com.lafros.juice.cmds.ICmd
ICmd.IActionDependent, ICmd.IConfirm, ICmd.IDisj, ICmd.IPwd, ICmd.ITog
Method Summary
 void after(boolean succeeded)
          called in the foreground upon return of ICmd.execute().
 String before()
          called first, in the foreground.
Methods inherited from interface com.lafros.juice.cmds.ICmd

Method Detail


String before()
              throws Exception
called first, in the foreground. If the impl'n determines that the command should proceed, then a message should be returned, telling the user what's happening. Note that '...' will be appended to it by the Exe (to indicate execution in the background). The message will be passed to the ICmdsApp.postTrying(String) impl'n (if supplied), just before ICmd.execute() is invoked in the background, and the calling Exe.executeCmd() returns true even though the result is not yet available. Otherwise, null or an empty String should be returned, and after() will be called directly, with an argument set to true.

Exception - This will be caught and passed to the ICmdsApp.postFailed(Exception) impl'n (if supplied). Note that your implementation should only declare those Exceptions which the compiler obliges it to declare.


void after(boolean succeeded)
called in the foreground upon return of ICmd.execute().

succeeded - true unless execution cancelled or execute() threw an exception


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