JMaCS Implementation 11.3-beta

Last updated: 2008-05-05

This is an implementation of the monitoring and control system described at

How to launch a JMaCS user-interface

  1. Check special requirements.
  2. Install Java--Standard Edition, version 5 or 6 (current).
  3. Set console preference.
  4. Launch app:
  5. Agree to run it as a trusted app (when prompted). This is necessary because it has to be able to do things (such as create new Java class loaders) which are not permitted inside the Java sandbox.

How to connect to the demo target

  1. Enter username.
  2. Press return or click 'connect...' button.
  3. Supply password.

Note that you may only connect to a given target sequentially (using the same username). Also, if your session should end abruptly (i.e. without disconnecting or exiting), you are currently subject to a timeout period of a few minutes, after which you'll be disconnected automatically (so that you can reconnect).

How to open a monitor-window or control-panel

'Occupied' nodes of the device-navigator are indicated by a two-character prefix, indicating the disposition of any monitor-window and control-panel it provides, respectively: '-' indicates closed, '+' indicates open, and '.' indicates absent.

  1. Navigate to the device of interest (e.g. 'eyes.left'), using the arrow-keys or mouse. Make sure it's selected and has the focus.

    monitor closed

  2. Hit the SPACEBAR to open/close the monitor window, or SHIFT-SPACEBAR to open/close the control panel. Note the change from '-' to '+'.

    monitor open . . . both open



Special requirements

Setting the Java console preference

This will cause each Java app launched to be accompanied by a console. This displays any messages written by the app, and provides some useful controls.

  1. Launch the Java Preferences utility.
  2. Select the Advanced tab.
  3. Select Java console.
  4. Select Show console.

Change log

2008-May-05:11.3-beta; second (remote subscriber) scalability enhancement (affecting users connecting 'via internet')
2008-Apr-27:11.2-beta replaces beta; now accommodates any port indirection (introduced by network address translation); first (remote subscriber) scalability enhancement
2008-Mar-29:drift-compensation refinement (tolerating less reliable connections)
2008-Mar-26:further drift-compensation improvements
2008-Mar-20:new ui-client host-clock drift-compensation method employed; a regression encountered when changing status-sampling-timer parameters now fixed
2008-Mar-13:ui client improved: any host clock drift now accounted for; sub-panel now contains 'lag/ms' field in place of 'samples accepted' and 'samples discarded' ones
2008-Mar-05:page linked to site; software updated to latest version; target name is now the same as the root device name ('eyes'); instructions updated in light of the fact that jarfiles now signed; images updated; projectile-tracking feature added to eyes device
2007-Nov-14:merged latest changes; 'eyes' node now occupied, by device able to make its children 'look' at a specified position; 'Opening a monitor-window or control-panel' instructions updated; new tip added
2007-Nov-08:updated to latest version; old target replaced with one named 'head'; can now run programs (on programmable devices)
2007-Oct-25:version renamed 'beta'
2007-Oct-15:page created (first invited test)