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2011-Jun -02:Scala Days 2011 MaCS paper
2010-May-25:GUI-Libs 1.0r2, archetype 1.1 available
2010-May-11:Maven Proguard Plug-in 1.2 available
2010-Apr-16:Scala Days 2010 GUI-App tech talk; GUI-Libs 1.0r1 and archetype available
2010-Jan-21:MaCS 1.2r1, macspd-archetype 1.2 available
2009-Oct-10:MaCS 1.1r1, macspd-archetype 1.1 available
2009-Sep-08:MaCS 1.0r1, macspd-archetype 1.0 available
2009-Aug-05:14th International EISCAT Workshop MaCS poster
2009-Jul-24:MaCS apidocs first made available
2009-Jul-21:MaCS announcement on Scala website
-Git adoption
2009-Mar-23:Maven ProGuard plug-in released
-Scala adoption
2008-Jun-27:SPIE Astronomical Instrumentation JMaCS poster
2008-Mar-05:JMaCS impl'n beta made public, with demo target
2008-Mar-04:JUICe 5r10, juice-archetype 1.5 released
2008-Feb-09:JUICe 5r9, juice-archetype 1.4 released
2007-Jul-08:JUICe 5r8, juice-archetype 1.3 released
2007-Apr-08:JUICe 5r7, juice-archetype 1.2 released
2007-Apr-05:JUICe 5r6, juice-archetype 1.1 released
2007-Mar-28:JUICe 5r5 released
2007-Mar-26:JUICe 5r4 released
2007-Mar-15:JUICe archetype (for Maven 2) made available
2007-Mar-14:JUICe 5r3 released
2007-Mar-09:JUICe 5r2 released
2007-Mar-06:JUICe 5r1 released
2006-Aug-05:1000th Subversion repository revision! (at 10:03)
2006-Jul-31:JUICe libs available for download from Maven 2 repository
2006-Jul-29:JUICe 4r7 released
2006-Jul-26:apidocs for some example JMACS programmable devices made available
2006-Jun-22:JUICe 4r6 released
2006-Jun-14:JUICe 4r5 released
2006-Jun-09:JUICe 4r4 released
2006-May-29:JUICe 4r3 released
2006-May-20:JUICe 4r2 released
2006-May-17:JUICe 4r1 released
to May-16:
website unavailable!
-Solaris 10 (on server), Subversion, Maven adoption
2005-Jul:JMACS presented at HTN Workshop, Exeter, UK
-JMACS: connection-oriented status-transfer required for remote clients!
2005-May:JMACS presented to EISCAT Group, Rutherford Labs, UK
2003-Oct:RD lecturing at Durham Uni: 4-wk Java course
2003-Jun:JUICe 3.3 released
2003-May:JUICe 3.2 released
2002-Aug:JMACS presented to comp sci group, Durham Uni, UK